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Are you a business owner or creative individual in need of graphic design services? Look no further! With my "I work until you love it" attitude and business standards you can rest assured that you'll receive quality services and designs. Your vision for your brand is what I aim to deliver as I pay close attention to the details you express to me in colors, attitude and style. I'm known for taking ideas to the next level while keeping your needs in mind. I've had customers ask me to dial back the color for a more professional look like the website I designed for business owner Dondra Bassett of 'Bassett Career Branding Solutions' and I've also been asked to go a little wild and colorful for Suprina Frazier owner of 'Bridges and Channels' publishing company Whatever your vision and for whatever designer product or service contact me today, let's consult about bringing your brand to life. Fill out the form below and I'll respond back to you within 24-48 hours. -Your Personal Go-To Designer, Monica Mize

4 Page Website Design

Awesome 4 page website design great for getting started online !ON SALE! $299.99 Hosting & Domain Name Included. Terms & Conditions May Apply.

Website Design Up to 5 Pages

Need a nice flowing website consisting of up to 5 pages? Starting at $500.00 -Hosting Fees, Terms & Conditions May Apply.

Website Design 6 Pages or more

Get a powerful website design that will take your online presence to the next level starting at $700.00 -Hosting Fees, Terms & Conditions May Apply.

Logo Design

Your logo design is your brand's identity. It is how your customers or supports recognize you from the crowd. Starting at $250.00

Marketing Materials

When it comes to marketing materials and designs I've got you covered. I offer designs and products for Business Cards, Flyers, Post Cards, Brochures, Product Labels, T-Shirts and more starting at $85.00

Need More?

I offer a broad of services including: hosting, printing, and designing for other products you may not see listed . Contact me today about your design and business needs.

Website Portfolio

Alicia LaShawn

Website Design

Alicia LaShawn is sharing her voice of song, praise and worship with the world.

Tiki Tattoo Studio

Website Design

I love a good artistic tattoo! Owner Beth Rockmore and fellow artist bring their A game in tattoo design and piercings EVERY TIME!

The Work From Home Life

Website Design

The Work From Home Life, LLC is a virtual call center company contracting professionals to provide customer service for Fortune 500 companies from the comfort of their homes.

Bassett Career Branding Solutions

Website Design

Dondra Bassett or Bassett Career Branding Solutions offers great services for professionals aiding them in their next move up the business or corporate ladder.

Bridges and Channels

Website Design

Bridges and Channels is an awesome publishing company.


Website Design

Divine Grace Ministries International wanted an awesome 3 page website to provide information to the public about their ministries abroad.

LaTrice Williams

Website Design

LaTrice Williams has an awesome website to showcase her many talents, messages and more!

Joanna M Cameron

Website Design

Joanna M Cameron is a Life Purpose Coach helping women find their life's purpose an live it without fear!


I launched my design originally as The CMF Catalog in NOV. 2011. I started off designing and selling the CMF brand of hand-made jewelry, t-shirts and many other customizable products. From there my business scaled to graphic designing for businesses and individuals seeking to build their brands and get established online. My services offered ranged from website designing, logos, book covers, promotional products and more.

When I initially launched my jewelry business along with purchasing my products many people wanted to know who designed my promotions and my websites for my personal business. I did all of it myself; I loved designing for myself and was already versed in Photoshop and knew exactly how I wanted my brand to look. I was very excited that others took notice of not only my products but my over all brand and that's what drew me to add services to my business.

I started my business based off the idea that I could wear my own quotes and designs. I also loved the fact that if someone else had something creative that they wanted to say, wear or create I could customize a product for them and bring it to life. Naturally my passion for art and design started when I was very young.

​I loved drawing on my clothing and furniture with permanent markers and paint; what's so cool is my Mom would watch me do this all the time and she never got onto my case about. Maybe that's because at the time I was always just marking up my own stuff; I guess that does help lol. As I got older, moved away from home and got married my husband also took notice of my love of customizing things and he gave me the nick name Mrs. Custom.Mize and with my last name being Mize I thought that was just too cool and made it my business name before I ever really had the business.

​I was already wearing my own designs never thinking that anyone would buy a single piece from me. I just enjoyed them myself but after getting approached on countless occasions by others taking notice of my creations my husband looked at me and said "You have to create these for others. They really like it and want what you have." So eventually I decided to do just that, create and sell my designs and I've been having so much fun also bringing other people's ideas to life and seeing the look on their face when they can wear or own something they had a vision of and helped create.

Over the years since starting my business, graphics designing became my passion and making jewelry and designer products has become secondary. If you're a business owner or creative individual in need of graphic design services contact me today!


I strive and love it when I hear that my clients are enjoying and getting the most out of their designs and services!
Working with Monica Mize was one of the absolute BEST experiences I've had. The customer service is phenomenal and the quality of the product is equally phenomenal. Her hands on approach with each client impacted my decision to continue working with her. Every design project that Mrs. Mize has completed for my ministry has had the mark of excellence on it. I will continue to work with her for my design needs. Website, Business Card, Logos, she was definitely the right choice for our organization! -LaTrice Williams

Monica is an exceptional website designer. She understands that the user interface and as well as the website functionality should be a seamless experience for the customer. Her work is great and her commitment to excellence is one of a kind. I highly recommend Monica. -Dondra Bassett

So much I can say about Monica and her business! She is very professional and dedicated in what she does! She has been a true blessing to me and my business. I have worked on many projects with her and she came through every time! Because of her she has helped me attract more customers because of her talent! I'm always getting compliments, as it is due to Monica's work! I'm looking forward to working with her again on another project and will continue to do business with her. She is not like others out there who just want your money then supply you with something you don't like. She cares about you as her customer, her heart is pure and she comes through every time! You will not regret working with Monica and you will find yourself doing biz with her again. I pray many blessings upon your business! God bless! -Sherita King

Monica helped me set up my business website. She was very detailed and thorough. She even created the exact color scheme I wanted for the site. Monica was very flexible and open-minded about any changes I wanted for the project. I was especially impressed with how hard she worked to incorporate some original music on my site. Her turnaround time was just as prompt as well as her responses. ​I was very pleased with the finished product. It met and exceeded my expectations at the same time. As a result, I have constantly recommended Monica and her work to others. -Suprina Frazier

Mrs. Monica Mize is THEBOMB.COM!!! She is such a creative genius whose skills and talents make her shine like a star! I have been worked with this beautiful woman since 2010, when we met by define appointment in my church's bathroom. I loved her style she loved mine...little did we know a calibration was in the making. She truly knows her stuff when it comes to designing websites, logos, jewelry, t-shirts, purses, and writing, OH MY, let me not start on her lyrical-poetic skills! I am so EXCITED to begin working with her for the up-coming re-launch of Virtosha Designs, LLC. I appreciate her as woman-business/woman-designer. Her feedback in honest. Her criticism is respected. She cares for her customers and is dedicated to our design needs. It is truly an honor to know her and work with her. So what are you waiting for...HIT HER UP :-) -Virtosha Little